Giada Distributions is an Italian company currently engaged in the distribution of organic cosmetic lines. Since 2008, they select products free of excessive chemicals, preferring non-tested on animals, ECO-BIO certified products, and choosing a life philosophy in search of the well-being of both body and soul and their care, with particular attention towards nature and animals.
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Giada Distribution

Giada Distributions è an Italian company currently distributing certified natural products eco-bio. It was founded in 2008 by Paola and Davide: she è a creative, dynamic and lively person, while he è a precise, efficient and curious researcher in the field of natural products.


Features of Giada Distribution

Over the years, the founders have researched, acquired knowledge and increased their awareness of body care products, developing a strong>strong sensitivity towards the natural world. This study led them to choose to avoid products containing substances of chemical origin and to prefer those not tested on animals, with recyclable packaging and an appealing image.


The Gua Sha

The Gua Sha è athousand-year-old ritual of ancient Chinese medicine, which has relatively recently also made its appearance in the West as a facial and body therapy. The term is derived from the combination of two Chinese words: "Gua" meaning "to rub" and "Sha" meaning "heat". Gua Sha è a massage carried out with special natural stone instruments, such as jade or quartz, that are scrubbed over the skin of the face (or body), generating heat and helping to release muscular tension. The treatment is highly effective and promotes a more toned, relaxed,healthy and radiant skin. The Gua Sha massage brings various benefits to the face, including stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing expression lines, decongesting under-eye and facial bags, toning and smoothing the skin, firming the oval of the face, and much more.


Discover Jade's Bestsellers on 50ml

  • White Jade Cloud and Spoon Set: On an emotional level, the White Jade Cloud and Spoon Set possesses a strong protective power that can demolish negative internal beliefs, enabling us to better understand ourselves. White Jade is a stone that symbolises realisation and belongs to the nephrite family. This stone è a good luck charm that protects us from negative energies. The White Jade and Guasha roller kit is associated with the seventh crown chakra, which helps us to live in the present and find inner balance.
  • Obsidian Roller & Gua Sha Set: Obsidian è a black stone that è is linked to the first chakra, and è considered the shamanic stone par excellence. This stone has the ability to purify the air and neutralise negative energies. When used in conjunction with the gua sha massage, obsidian can purify the skin and counteract the negative effects of pollution, muscle tension, stiffness and stress, which can cause blemishes.
  • Quarz Roller & Gua Sha Set: The heart chakra, a stone considered to be the symbol of love, both for oneself and for one's neighbour. On an energetic level, this stone can make people calm and understanding, helping them to think positively and reason constructively. In addition, rose quartz has circulatory stimulating, purifying and calming properties, making it particularly useful for the care of our bodies and minds.


Giada Reviews: Discover our Customer Reviews

  • Amethyst Roller & Gua Sha Set: “Amethyst è my favourite stone and I couldn't help but pick up this set. I must say that my skin è less swollen, tighter and firmer” Daniela
  • Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set: “The most traditional jade roller. I like to put it in the freezer for a while, for an even more invigorating and effective massage” Sara

Discover these wonderful massage sets, choose your favourite stone and let yourself be guided by the ancient techniques of traditional Oriental massage. Still undecided* and need some help choosing and buying your niche perfume? We are here to help: contact our Customer Service. Explore the best body products and the best gift ideas for dream hair on 50 ml. We would like to remind you that at 50 ml Milan you can buy online samples of all perfumes. Free samples on request with every order.