Carthusia brings to life the smells and traditions of Capri island: the triumph of the sea, nature and the rich abundance of its flowers. Enjoy all the sweetness of the aromas of this island, handcrafted and enhanced in unique fragrances. Thanks to Carthusia you will discover the emotions that Italian craftsmanship is able to give.
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Carthusia: the perfumes of Capri

Carthusia is a brand of fragrances and other personal and home care products born on the beautiful island of Capri. The entire line is characterised by the colours, smells and names of this wonderful land. Carthusia's products, from fragrances and room scents to soaps and body and hand creams, are enriched with natural extracts of the highest quality. Discover the history and the world of Carthusia.

Carthusia fragrances: the history

The story of Carthusia began in 1948, when it is said that a local prior found some old perfume formulas inside the Charterhouse and decided, with the Pope's permission, to reveal them to a Piedmontese chemist: he created the smallest fragrance laboratory in the world, naming it "Carthusia", i.e. "Certosa". From that small and precious treasure trove of "recipes" and ancient knowledge was born Carthusia, which today has given life to a vast range of fragrances, unique olfactory accords that embody the soul of Capri's perfumes. Every day Carthusia strives to capture the unique emotion that only the island of Capri can offer, one that makes the heart beat faster, the stomach vibrate and horizons open up, through the rich aromas of this land. Every Carthusia fragrance evokes the paradisiacal setting of Capri, with its breathtaking views, white houses scattered in the flourishing vegetation dotted with bougainvillea, roses and cyclamen, the blue sky as a backdrop and the immense, overwhelming blue.

Finally, there is a very interesting legend about this Made in Italy brand: in 1380, the prior of the Certosa di San Giacomo, taken aback by the news that Queen Giovanna d'Angiò was coming to Capri, prepared a collection of the island's most beautiful flowers. The flowers remained in the same water for three days and when it was time to throw them out, the prior realised that the water had acquired a fragrance that was mysterious to him. He turned to a fellow alchemist, who identified the source of the fragrance as "Garofilium silvestre caprese". That water was Capri's first perfume.

Carthusia perfumes

Carthusia fragrances are born from the abundance of nature on Capri: lemons, mandarins, orange blossom, bergamot, cyclamen, jasmine, lily, fruity notes and many other scents. Via Camerelle Eau de Parfum is undoubtedly one of the brand's most sought-after fragrances, thanks to its intense, citrusy composition, which brings to mind the sea breeze and the essence of the flowers surrounding one of the most famous streets on the island of Capri. Via Camerelle EDP transports the mind to the most surprising street of the island, where every tourist gets lost admiring the splendid shop windows of the most prestigious brands, luxury hotels and villas enriched with precious coloured majolica. Fiori di Capri Eau de Parfum, on the other hand, tells of another facet of the Carthusia universe, taking us back to the wonders of this island: the sun, the crystal clear sky, the essence of flowers and the freshness of citrus fruits are concentrated in this eau de parfum with a noble and delicate soul. The Tuberose EDP by Carthusia features the noble and charismatic Tuberosa flower in a creamy and enveloping interpretation. The solar carnality of Ylang-Ylang surrounds it, before making it vibrate with Elemi and Cinnamon, and colouring it with Plum. In the wake, deep and material notes of Vetiver, Vanilla, Ambroxan and Musk. If you love Carthusia perfumes, you can't miss one of the line's best sellers: A'mmare Eau de Parfum is a luminous, aromatic fragrance which evokes that carefree summer lightness which only the crystalline horizon of the sea and the taste of salt can evoke. Among the best-selling perfumes, Carthusia A'mmare is certainly one of the most popular with our customers. Explore our website to discover all the Carthusia fragrances: e.g. Uomo EDP, Terra Mia EDP, Io Capri EDP, Capri EDP, Forget Me Not EDP, etc. Are you curious to try them all? We'd like to remind you that you can buy Carthusia samples on 50ml: try out all the fragrances before choosing the one that suits you best!

Carthusia today

Carthusia has used its centuries-old knowledge to develop a perfume culture that is unique in the world. Over the years it has refined its education of the sense of smell, perfected and structured its understanding of essences to offer those who choose its perfumes and products the most intense and purest emotions the senses can grasp. And today, as in the past, all stages of production are carried out by hand to ensure the strict observance of natural methods and the precious care of craftsmanship.

All the products in the Carthusia range

The Carthusia brand no longer offers only perfumes: within the line you will find a host of products for body and home care, infused with the brand's finest fragrances. Some examples of what you might find? Soaps, hand sanitisers, aftershave, room perfumers, room sprays, sun creams, body and hand creams, shower baths. Body care products are particularly suitable for layering, i.e. overlapping the same or different fragrances to intensify the duration and persistence of your favourite Carthusia perfume.

Carthusia diffusers

A scented space is always more welcoming: Carthusia diffusers come in best-selling fragrances such as Mediterraneo Diffuser, Fiori di Capri Diffuser or Via Camerelle, which are also available in the practical 500 ml Refill format. Carthusia's room diffusers are among the line's best-selling products and will allow you to bring the scent of Capri directly into your home, for a touch of refined marine elegance. Carthusia's room products also include a wide choice of Room Sprays and Candles, available in all of Carthusia's most popular scents.

Take care of your body with Carthusia

The island of Capri product line offers you a wide choice of body care products: Bath Showers, Hand and Body Soaps, Lip Balms, Hand Sanitizers (infused with the finest Carthusia fragrances), Men's Products, Hand Creams and a very interesting line of Sunscreens: enter the world of Carthusia and take care of your skin!

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